About Tamika


You’re a determined woman; a loving wife and mother, networking, branding with vision, and building a great life and business for yourself.  But there is still something missing – your confidence.  You know your net worth, but have yet to know your self-worth due to the violence, abuse, loss, pain, or hardship you face at home or in your life. You are a SURVIVOR and now it’s time to THRIVE.

Dr. Tamika Anderson, founder of Speak Up, Speak Out Enterprises is a Speaker, Coach, and Author of the International Best-Selling Book Speak Up & Get Out: How to Survive & Thrive After the Devastation of Domestic Violence was once this woman who suffered in silence. She has worked in the corporate and government sectors, taught undergraduate college students, has over 15 years of experience in sales, marketing, and service sectors. She also holds a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology, a Master of Science in Organizational Leadership, and a Doctor of Science in Information Systems and Communications.

Dr. Tamika has seen the above scenario play out in the lives of so many women she’s encountered while leading her business seminars and workshops. Once Dr. Tamika saw a pattern of low self-esteem in the women she consulted with; business became personal. “It awakened me inside,” says Dr. Tamika. “It’s a dirty little secret that must be addressed in order for women to build their worth, get back to business and step into their true purpose.”

Having been there herself, Dr. Tamika knows all too well what it feels like to be vibrant in the boardroom but fear violence in the bedroom. She stayed in an abusive relationship and marriage for 20 years and found herself fleeing in the middle of the night with her daughter for safety. Along with life and work experience, Dr. Tamika’s coaching and mentoring helps her clients Find their voice, Tell their story, and Take the stage. It all begins with a change in mindset. Recognizing fear, believing in yourself, and taking steps toward reaching a goal are important factors in this change.

Transforming lives through purposeful action is Dr. Tamika’s motto and it’s implemented through her Find Your Voice, Tell Your Story, and Take the Stage Series which also helps with tools and strategies to start or grow their business. Her system teaches you how to own your message, monetize your mess, and market your business to play a bigger game. There is a process to progress. Dr. Tamika plants seeds to help her clients grow and maintain their self-confidence.

Despite all of what Dr. Tamika has been through she has never been afraid to smile and believe in herself. She is a woman of resilience and her resilience is the passion for her purpose. “We must draw awareness to domestic violence and that begins with conversations,” says Dr. Tamika. She’s steadfast in believing anything you do must be done with purpose and intention, followed by passion and taking action. “Your purpose comes from the seed that has been planted in the depths of your soul,” says Dr. Tamika. “It’s genuine and laser focused.”

Nothing can stop you from fulfilling your purpose. Instead of bitterness, Dr. Tamika focuses on the betterment of women’s lives.  She’s one woman uplifting other women to be at their best. Teaching them that training their brains leads to awareness and action.  “I want to be that role model,” says Dr. Tamika. “I want to be someone who can offer words of wisdom, comfort, encouragement and results.

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