Are y1L2A6501ou happy with your Business Model & Marketing Strategy? If you answered no, it’s time to claim your confidence and take action! You need a well thought out marketing strategy right now. In this 8 Week Women With A Voice Virtual Program you will learn how to:

Identify the 10 components you need in your business model

Identify your target audience

Create your branded marketing message

Maximize the power of marketing on social media

Build a loyal following and active audience

Package and price your products and services

Establish yourself as an expert in your field

                                           What You’ll Get:

Women With A Voice                            Women With A Voice (Speak Up Edition)

        Access to weekly videos                                    Access to weekly videos

             Workbook                                                              Workbook

           Facebook Group                                                 Facebook Group

                                                                                   Two 45 minute 1 on 1 calls with Dr. Tamika

                                                            Customized Social Media Marketing Plan

             $397.00                                                   $697.00



Speak Up & Get Out of What’s Weighing You Down

This 30 minute session is designed for those who are stuck or feel stuck and you want to know where to begin to get un-stuck. You will be able to engage in a Q & A Session with Dr. Tamika for all of your Speak Up & Get Out and Survive & Thrive story branding and marketing questions.




***All Programs must be paid in full prior to sessions***


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